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Specializing in social media management & content creation for Food & Beverage, Hospitality, and B2C companies. Offering organization and structure without compromising passion.

With 5 years of dedicated experience in social media management and my passion for helping small businesses expand their reach and fostering creativity, I created Fire in the Fifth. In my role, I have successfully built and organized client content folders, solidified brand identities, and strategically targeted audiences for businesses in the vibrant community of Charlotte. My commitment lies in leveraging social media to propel growth and visibility for businesses, combining strategic thinking with a creative approach to achieve impactful results.

As a Charlotte based free-lance social media consultant and copy-writer, I helped to grow Fire in the Fifth Social Media and Consulting House in 2021. I have ten years of experience building brands, creating content, and helping businesses create social media strategies to expand their online presence and cultivate their relationships with their customer/client base.

I am a forward thinking designer with a flair for innovation and a track record of over six years in the beauty, lifestyle, and wellness industries. Recognized for my precision, creativity, and a versatile skill set, I play a pivotal role in crafting impactful brand identities, designing captivating packaging, and conceptualizing compelling print advertisements. Beyond the pixels, I turn blank canvases into storytelling content that resonates across various platforms conveying unspoken words and undefined emotions. Committed to the craft, I bring a unique blend of passion and proficiency to every project, ensuring a perfect fusion of design and functionality.

Katsu Kart

Our business was flailing prior to Fire in the Fifth coming on board. Our social media was a mess and disorganized. Our followers increased exponentially after FITF signed on and our social media account began to have a cohesive theme and aesthetic after we began working with them.

They helped save our company by giving us a huge social media presence. Soon people began to save and forward posts to each other. They used our posts to find out where the truck would be and the photos caused lots of drooling!
Stephen Chow

300 East

Connor & Emily are super organized and timely with our content and strategy. Their work has connected us to diners we weren’t consistently reaching before and we receive so many compliments on our social media. Plus they are fun to work with and they make the experience enjoyable!
Ashley Boyd
Owner & Head Chef

Iron Oak Fitness

I would recommend Fire in the Fifth to any small business wishing to expand their reach and presence. Connor was seamless in his ability to embody my brand and message with the content created. He tracked the algorithms and adjusted posting times and content accordingly. He's organic and passionate in his work. It comes naturally to him and this was present in every interaction we had. He's an asset and appreciated.
Brent Williams
Iron Oak Fitness LLC

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